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April 15, 2019
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antique stores in Arizona

Welcome back to the Bashford Courts blog! If you are interested in old western towns in Arizona then you will most likely enjoy checking out some of the antique stores in Arizona! Rich in history this state has more to offer than you may realize. Whether it is old Native American antiques, 70s and 80s antiques, or even just Victorian dated items you can find everything. From jewelry, to clothes, to fine china and more, we tell you a few of the best antique stores to visit.

1.  Brass Armadillo, Phoenix, AZ

Brass Armadillo Antique Mall holds one of the largest selections of antiques in the state of Arizona. This antique store carries items from over 600 dealers. Located in North Phoenix this antique mall has more than you can imagine in different collections and niches. Having everything from china, to jewelry, to even science fiction books you can find anything you want here! Brass Armadillo also has memorabilia from the Revolutionary War all the way to World War II, and fans can even engage in workshops held in Brass Armadillo.

2.  Grey House Antiques and Home Decor, Tucson, AZ

If you are looking to get out Phoenix, or visiting Arizona, this is a great little getaway in Tucson. This shop is filled with vintage and new items. Items range from multiple decades and cultures. Whether you want something Southwestern, Native American, or retro you can find it at Grey House Antiques and Home Décor!

3.  Retro Ranch, Phoenix, AZ

Taking a time machine back into the 70s is definitely what this store feels like! Get groovy with different clothes, furniture, and trinkets all from this fun era. From vinyl chairs, groovy clothes, shaggy rugs, and discs this store is sure to bring back memories – or put you in an era you wish you lived! Whether you want to find something for a costume or find some cute clothes to wear out Retro Ranch will definitely give you a trip down memory lane.

4.  Antique Trove, Scottsdale, AZ

A 23,000 square-foot store and over 100 vendors this showroom is crawling with antiques. Opened since 1989 there are antiques that are centuries hold held here. No matter what you are looking for you will be able to find it here. Antique Trove is unique to Arizona with its Southwest feel and Southwest antiques.

5.  Antique Plaza, Mesa, AZ

The oldest antique store in Mesa’s historic downtown district, this two-story mall can certainly take a whole day to go through. You can find anything and everything in this plaza. From jewelry, art, clothes, toys, furniture, and so much more the options are endless! The Antique Plaza has been in business for over 20 years selling unique items not limited to Southwestern style.

6.  Antique Gatherings, Phoenix, AZ

This is one of the largest antique stores in the state of Arizona with over 18,000 square-feet of antiques. There are many different booths with many different dealers. At this showroom there are countless items for everyone, no matter your taste and style. From different furniture and items you are guaranteed to walk out of here with a few trinkets!

7.  Larry’s Antiques & Things, Cottonwood, AZ

One of the best places to find vintage clothes, jewelry, and more. Filled with a ton of Native American jewelry, antique china, furniture, and other items native to Arizona this is one of the most fun antique stores in Arizona. A full two-acre store Larry’s Antiques & Things may take a while to get through, but you are sure to find some great items! If you love cars then you will absolutely love some of their antique car parts and signs!

Shopping in antique stores can be tough. There are so many relics for you to look at that finding something you truly love can take time. However, taking your time in these stores is worth it because you will be buying something that is one of a kind! We hope that these antique stores we have listed are just what you are looking for. If you are in Prescott and looking to shop fun, boutique stores come to Bashford Courts Atrium Mall. Located in the historic downtown of Prescott we have plenty of stores and a fun brewery. We hope you enjoy these antique stores in Arizona and happy shopping!