Arizona Earth

Locally owned by Esteban, Arizona Earth is a nature store. Natural handcrafted items like our incredible Corinthian Bell wind-chimes, In All sizes m, to musical instruments, like the world famous Hopi Drums, A hand-made metal drum with amazing sounds, hand-made zithers, hand-made wooden Native American Flutes in all sizes and keys. Come see the incredible Exotic Sand Art display! We have hand carved wooden puzzle boxes and Hand carved ironwood made in Az.

Also a fabulous selection of natural candles, organic essential oils, a wide incense selection, whiskey flasks, natural air fresheners, gemstone water bottles, and other natural gifts from around the world. Come and browse and be amazed!

Phone Number: (928) 273-4374

Address: 130 W. Gurley Street 1st Floor - Suite 101 Prescott, AZ 86315

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Arizona Earth