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February 11, 2019
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Prescott, Arizona is known as a historic town that was the former capital of the state. Close to Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Sedona this town is filled with art, history, and beautiful old homes for you to spend the day. Prescott was once a thriving business town during the gold rush era. Filled with Victorian homes and a saloon on nearly every corner there are a ton of things to do in Prescott. We give you a list of just 8 things to do and see in our gorgeous town, but there is a plethora of places to go while you are here.

1.  Downtown Historic Area

Some of the most historic buildings in Arizona the downtown historic area of Prescott is filled with homes and buildings significant to the cities starting period. Many buildings date back centuries to the 1800s and have been kept in pristine shape or restored to their original beauty. The area also has one of the oldest sections in town called Whiskey Row where there are many original saloons. Don’t get this confused with Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row bar as the district in Prescott is much older, where famous cowboys used to go and drink.

2.  Watson Lake

On Watson Lake there are countless outdoor recreational activities you can do like kayaking, boating, or fishing. This is one of two different reservoirs built on Granite Creek formed by a damn. There are multiple trails such as the Peavine Trail that allow for horseback riding, biking, running, hiking, and other recreational activities along the lake. During summer there are campsites along the trails and lake for you to enjoy some outdoor family friendly fun!

3.  Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary

A not-for-profit animal sanctuary this zoo is dedicated to the preservation and rescue of exotic animals. Many of the animals are rescued from the wild or situations of captivity that lead them to the  sanctuary. Each animal has a large habitat to be able to roam around freely. Ten acres of room to build habitats the animals are given more than enough space to grow and adapt. If you are interested in visiting the sanctuary there are guided tours available with multiple educational events.

4.  Prescott Frontier Days

Known as the World’s Oldest Rodeo the Prescott Frontier Days has a rodeo event every 4th of July weekend since 1888. With multiple performances throughout the weekend and other events that take place throughout the week this is a rodeo you won’t want to miss! Each performance includes a wild-horse race, bareback riding, bull riding, steer wrestling, and so much more. With family night on Thursday you and your entire family can have fun in downtown Prescott.

5.  Prescott Brewing Company

One of the best breweries in Arizona, the Prescott Brewing Company just recently celebrated their 25th anniversary on March 15th. Located in Bashford Courts this is one of the best places to grab food and killer beers! The restaurant makes nearly everything in the kitchen from scratch. With different types of beer for everyone you can find the perfect beer for you. Because many menu and beer items are seasonal or limited there is always something new for you to try.

6.  Constellation Trails

A loop of trails in the Granite Dells the Constellation Trails travel for almost three miles. The trials are fairly easy due to the flatter ground with little elevation change. Open year-round the trail allows dogs, hikers, and mountain bikers to roam free- as long as the dogs are leashed. Certain trails are marked for mountain biking and hiking. With beautiful rock formations there are plenty of natural sights for you to enjoy.

7.  Prescott National Forest

Consisting of 1.25 million acres this natural forest is managed by the United States Forest Service and is divided into 8 different wilderness areas. Depending on your level of experience with camping there are a ton of different campgrounds from developed to very undeveloped for those with experience. Filled with natural wildlife, lakes, and streams you are able to fish, ride a boat, or pan for gold.

8.  Bashford Courts Atrium Mall

An Atrium Mall in the historic Courthouse Square of Prescott, Arizona the Bashford Courts Mall is one of the best you will ever go to. Filled with boutiques, art stores, antique shops, southwest art, gifts, and specific holiday items there are a ton of personal stores here. If you are tired and hungry from a day out and about in Prescott freshen up with the Prescott Brewing Company. Get fresh food, amazing beer, and do a little shopping.

Each of these 8 spots in Prescott are great for sightseeing and activities. No matter the time of year you come to visit there are always a ton of fun things to do in Prescott. Be sure before you leave to stop by Bashford Courts Atrium Mall for some food and unique boutiques!