Prescott Brewery – A Local Treasure
January 28, 2019
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prescott mall

Welcome back to our blog here at Bashford Courts, the Prescott Mall! This time around we are looking at the scene, the environment, we operate in – the Prescott Mall scene. With a population fast approaching 50,000 (and that’s not even counting all the nearby cities and towns) Prescott needs to have everything any modern city should have. That means utilities like water and internet sure, but also entertainment and in our case: shopping!

Prescott Malls

Prescott Gateway

Furthest from Downtown Prescott is the Prescott Gateway Mall. This is the stereotypical shopping center. Filled with chain stores and food courts and the like. If you’re looking to have a mall experience you can get just like anywhere else, Prescott Gateway is the mall you’re looking for. It’s not the most unique, but when you’re looking for the same brands found everywhere else, a ‘mall’ it’s what you’re thinking of.

Frontier Village Center

Just outside Downtown Proper is the Frontier Village Center Mall. Like any classic shopping center, the Frontier Village offers all sorts of stores, the Targets, the Ross’s, Home Depots, and the like. This is the property where you do your day to day shopping necessities. They also have the Picture Show movie theater, a second-run joint to catch the flicks you may have missed. It’s a fine for place for your basic shopping.

But what happens when you’re not looking for a ‘mall?’ When you’re not doing your day to day shopping? When the goal isn’t to get something you can grab anywhere else? Maybe you’re looking for something special, or unique, or just a totally different experience. Well then there’s only one Prescott Mall for you…

Bashford Courts

That’s right, here at Bashford Courts we offer a shopping experience unlike any other! Before we even get into the stores we house, our unique architecture, our history all makes us not just another mall. We’re an authentic Prescott experience.

But let’s get to our shops! Within the walls of our atrium mall, we house some of the most unique shops to be found anywhere. Handcrafted with love and care, whether they’re spa products, socks, modern western wear for cowboys and girls, authentic Irish products, the list goes on and you’d never guess what else. It’s a unique shopping experience, especially for a Prescott mall, and that alone should make it your number one stop. Its downtown location and proximity to some of the finest brews Prescott has to offer (hint they’re inside!) makes Bashford Courts the top shop at which to stop.

Head on down to 130 West Gurley St Prescott, AZ 86301. If you’re looking to lease space and become a part of the best Prescott mall out there, then head over to our contact page and give us a call!