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When folks think Arizona, too often their mind sticks to one aspect: the desert. While that’s fair, the Phoenix metro area is a huge destination and Hollywood sticks their cowboy flicks in out in our deserts, there is so much more to offer. Also, a desert is a desert whether Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, but Arizona has so much more to offer! Here are the places to visit in Arizona during the winter, whether you’re a native or snowbird.

The Best Places to Visit in Arizona – Winter Edition

Flagstaff Nordic Center

The Flagstaff Nordic Center is home to more than you might expect. There are cabins and yurts to camp out in, access to over 25 miles of well-kept trails. While hiking or camping out in the cold might not be everyone’s cup of tea, those who are interested can partake in Friday evening bonfires to warm the bones before weekend hikes. You can also rent out fat-tire bikes for some more fun. Find out more at their website.

Grand Canyon

Of course, the Grand Canyon is a sight to behold anytime of year, but during the winter it is especially gorgeous! In the winter this natural wonder can get a smattering of snow creating an entirely new look for the canyon. Another benefit of traveling to the canyon during the winter is the noticeable decrease in foot traffic, so you’ll have a much more peaceful experience touring the Souther Rim, dining at the El Tovar. Feel like making it extra special? Take the train up from Wiliams!

Great Ski Lodges

Northern Arizona has plenty of skiing opportunities for those looking to hit the slopes! Head up to the Greer lodges, roughly 18 miles from Sunrise, to enjoy a snowed in cabin experience a welcome winter respite from the desert.

Sunrise itself has over 800 acres of ski land with three peaks and a snowmaking equipment to ensure a great experience. Plenty of lifts mean no one long ling to kill your buzz between runs. Lift tickets run about $66 per day. More info can be found at Sunrise’s site.

Elk Ridge Ski Area sits four miles south of Williams and has great vibes as a family friendly place. If skiing isn’t your bag, well then Elk Ridge might just be the place for you! Over their 37 acres they have a bunch of tubing runs! When you’re tired of hurling yourself down the slopes on an innertube, there is a day lodge to break in and enjoy some warm hamburgers. Adult tickets run $30, but a family pass for two adults and two kids is a deal at $45.


Bearizona is great place to scope out year-round! This unique attraction is a drive-through wildlife park, located in Williams, Arizona. When you head to the park, you can drive your vehicle (so long as it is enclosed with working windows – no open top jeeps or convertibles allowed) along a 3-mile trail filed with goats, wolves, bobcats, bison, and – yes – bears!

Northern Arizona is a popular winter destination for our Arizonan natives to enjoy the snow, whether at those ski lodges, the Grand Canyon, or our small mountain towns. If you are taking a trip through Prescott and find yourself with some time to spare, or want to spend a long weekend seeing what a snowy winter town is like, stop by Prescott and while you’re here come visit Bashford Courts. We have a bevy of unique, artisan shops, and even some dressed up just for the holidays. Regardless of where you travel this winter, Arizona has a lot to offer. We’ll see you next time on the blog!